Kaloo K960084 Bébé Pastel Chubby Rabbit Plush Toy, Grey/Cream, 18 cm/7.1 Inch

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Kaloo Bebe Pastel Small Chubby Rabbit - Grey and Cream is an overstuffed plush bunny that can be an extremely huggable companion for your little ones. As adorable as it is soft, tiny hands have plenty to hang on to when carrying their newfound friend wherever they travel. Designed in France, “Bebe Pastel by Kaloo” is a line of soft classic toys in soft modern colors that adds a timeless look to any nursery. This toy matches bedding and a whole collection of soft toys and security blankets. Imaginary adventures await! Includes a 7in. (18cm.) rabbit presented in a house-shaped keepsake gift box. Recommended for children of all ages.

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